Free Beat Policy

When browsing our library, you’ll notice some beats with a “Free Download” label next to the title. These are beats that can be downloaded and used free of charge. By downloading these beats, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agreed to the following terms & conditions:

Usage Rights: Our free beats may be used solely for non-profitable purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, free mixtapes/demos, performance use and streaming. Radio-play and performances at for-profit shows/events are prohibited. You may not monetize songs created using our free beats on any streaming platform (YouTube, ReverbNation, Spotify, etc.).

Credit: When using our free beats in any fashion, credit must be given to the producer in the following format: “Produced by (Producer Name) for BeatsGo”. This form of credit must accompany all physical or digital distributions of your recording containing our free beats. Credit must also be given along with all streaming instances. For example, you may include credit in a YouTube or SoundCloud song’s description.

Persons found in violation of this agreement are subject to legal action. If you wish to use our Free Downloads for profitable, a license must be purchased.